Volcanic Features

Many interesting features are created resulting from Volcanoes.

Fissure Vents

These are linear cracks in the Earth’s mantle in which magma escapes to the surface. They create magnificent displays of lava.


Calderas are large craters left in the Earth from a collapsed volcano. The inside of the Caldera can collect water, creating lakes and if in the ocean, they can fill with water too. Some Caldera volcanoes are not extinct and have new, smaller volcanoes growing within the crater.

Volcanic Plugs

Volcanic plugs are made when lava fills the ‘pipe’ of a volcano and blocks it up. If the Volcano becomes extinct, then the outer layers wear away, revealing the plug inside.

Lava Plateau

Lava Plateaus are created when a volcano erupts and the lava spills over the surrounding land before solidifying and cooling. This creates a plateau of volcanic rock.


Geysers are hot underground springs which burst through the ground every several minutes. They happen due to hot geothermal  underground where the hot rock boils water, forcing it to explode up to the surface. This creates a fountain of hot water and steam.





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