Types of Volcano

Shield Volcanoes

Formed by a low-viscosity lava volcano, the lava travel a long distance. This creates a low, wide volcano – hence the name ‘shield volcano.’

Lava Dome Volcanoes

Formed by high-viscosity lava volcanoes, the lava doesn’t travel too far. This creates tall, thin volcanoes which erupt violently and explosively.

Cinder cone volcanoes

These volcanoes are created from ash explosions and pyroclastic flows.

Composite Volcanoes

Composite volcanoes are layered, cone-shaped volcanoes which spew cinder, ash and lava. These elements create it’s layers.

Super Volcanoes

Super Volcanoes usually have a Caldera and can produce devastation on a massive scale. The can create Tsunamis, ash-caused black outs and global cooling. They are the most dangerous types of Volcano.

Submarine Volcanoes

These are volcanoes found on the sea bed. They can build up over time and end up creating new islands.

Subglacial Volcanoes

These are found beneath icecaps. They can be devastating if the erupt and melt the ice caps, causing floods and violent explosions.


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